Blog status update

I originally started this blog to post my Mad Men reviews, which were longer takes on my posts at the Mad Men subreddit‘s rewatch of the show.

The rewatch effort over there has fizzled out for now. And I’m not 100% happy with my posts as they are here. Most of them were written in a pretty rushed fashion, trying to keep up with the initially fast pace of the /r/madmen rewatch.

I plan on going back and fixing up those reviews at some point. It’s my goal to re-write them with more thought and depth. Ideally, I’d like to do a recap of all 92 episodes of the show similar in quality to the Sopranos Autopsy blog. Ron’s Sopranos writing on that blog is analytical, authoritative, scholarly, yet always fun and breezy to read. I know I can do the same thing for Mad Men, but I’m going to have to put in more effort.

So for right now, I’m changing up what I plan to do with this blog.

First of all, subscribers and interested readers can now find me here at, which is prettier than

Second, I do plan on finishing my 1967 in music series by the end of the year, while it’s still the 50th anniversary of all those great albums.

Finally, I plan on doing more writing on music, technology, and general editorializing, in addition to the television reviews. In short, I need to write more, and I need to write about all of my interests.

Thanks to the subscribers and all those of have liked posts so far. I feel like a lot of blogs run out of steam eventually, and I’d like to avoid that by posting quality content, slow and steady. Posting three half-assed Mad Men reviews a week does not fit that criteria.

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