New Order – Substance private remaster, disc 2

Based on the response I got from my private remaster of New Order’s Substance (disc 1), I have whipped up a remaster of disc 2.

Once again, this is based on the US version of the second CD. The tracklist for Substance varied a bit from region to region, and format to format, but I’ve reconstructed the CD version I know.

Also once again, the 2008 New Order Collector’s Editions provided the sources for most of the songs. In fact, the only track for which I had to use the original Substance CD was “Kiss of Death,” as I found no suitable replacement that sounded better than taking the gain up a bit on the original.

One small change from the original CD is that “Murder” runs a few second longer, thanks to a bit of a quiet intro on the Collector’s Edition version that is not present on Substance.

Without further ado, download the ninog remaster of disc 2: .zip download from Dropbox. Enjoy!

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