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About the Forever Changes 50th anniversary box

While my entry on Love’s Forever Changes was supposed to be the first of a five-part series on great rock albums celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2017, I never wrote the other four. Maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on myself … Continue reading

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The Velvet Underground – 1969 Live With Lou Reed private remaster

The Velvet Underground are my favorite band (fellow fans will notice that this blog’s title comes from a line in their song “New Age”). Their fantastic double-live album 1969: Velvet Underground Live With Lou Reed is one of my favorites of their … Continue reading

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New Order – Substance private remaster, disc 2

Based on the response I got from my private remaster of New Order’s Substance (disc 1), I have whipped up a remaster of disc 2. Once again, this is based on the US version of the second CD. The tracklist for Substance … Continue reading

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New Order – Substance private remaster

I’ve done a few vinyl rips (that is, recording vinyl records onto computer audio files) of some of my rare LPs that haven’t made it to CD. It’s a long process, but fun and worth it when somebody else enjoys … Continue reading

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Blog status update

I originally started this blog to post my Mad Men reviews, which were longer takes on my posts at the Mad Men subreddit‘s rewatch of the show. The rewatch effort over there has fizzled out for now. And I’m not … Continue reading

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Mad Men episode 201: “For Those Who Think Young”

The second season of Mad Men finds the show settling into its groove. As great as Season 1 was (it did win the Emmy for Best Dramatic Series), it feels a tad disjointed in comparison to the rest of the … Continue reading

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Rock 1967, 50 years later, part 1: Love, Forever Changes

This is the first of a five-part series where I look back at seven of my favorite albums from one of rock’s most storied years, 1967, and how they hold up 50 years later. Love were the original kings of … Continue reading

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